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I thought Gypsy was just playing with my yarn… She decided to eat a bit of it so I had to tie the ends together. #catlife

New do!! #haircut #sassy

Gyspsy has been glued to me since Mike and I got home this morning. I can’t even pee by myself anymore. I’m clearly not allowed to leave ever again.

Playing around with my new make up. I’m in love with my naked2 pallet from urban decay.

Center pieces are glitterfied!! #chapmanherstonwedding

My glitter shoes are drying. They glow in the dark!!!!! #chapmanherstonwedding

Center pieces are glitterfied!!

Awesome flannel fabric i got at jo-anns today!!

After 30 minutes of brushing I gave up….

If you can’t tell from my pant leg, Basil is shedding mass amounts of fur.

Gypsy checking out what us so fascinating, when I should be giving some pets….

Gypsy thinks it’s ridiculous that I should want my own side of the bed…

Our Elf on the Shelf comes in like a wrecking ball. #elfontheshelf #wreckingball

This is her happy face.


Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

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